Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Appreciate but at the same time, disappointed!

Well, you guys all there gonna read this well. This is what I heard from my girlfriend. It's regarding about the ferry tragedy. Today, in the morning, my girlfriend and other missing victim's relatives are heading out together with the marine police for the search and find operation.

Here's what my girlfriend told. She was told to head out to search either 8am or 9am(somewhere around that time). They wait for it and asked the marine police if they can head out already or not but the marine police said that they need to wait for the YB(Yang Berhormat) to come first.

The operation was delayed till the arrival of the FIRST YB and the YB with marine police head out without the victim's relatives. They said that they still need to wait for another YB which turn out to be late again. Again, they stranded at the dock waiting for the YB to arrive. One is from MCA and another is a malay women. The malay women still don't want the marine police to go out yet. Reason? Don't ask me. My girlfriend's sister cried infront of the malay women YB only she give permission and ask the marine police to head out for the search operation.(I'll talk this part later on)

During the search, I was told by my girlfriend that the marine police didn't want to get close to any of the small tropical island they searched and hope the missing victims was washed by the tide to small island. Well, from here, I do understand between a shallow sea and deep sea. Some boats just can't reach the shores because they might crashed their boat on the rocks in shallow area.

So, my girlfriend and other women onboard have to shout while one of the victim's uncle get off the board and swim to the island to search. It's only the uncle goes into the island to search, not any police marine had done so. The search and rescue today turn out to be useless. No missing victims had been founded yet.

Ok the stories end here. Now I want to speak about the YB part. I might use some bad words from here on. If you don't want to read, go ahead and close my blog. I'm not pointing a gun at you and ask you to read it.

What with the YB that marine police need to wait them to come?
Why the malay women YB need to wait until my girlfriend's sister to cried infront of public and then only allow them to go for the search operation? Fame perhaps?
I'm not racist. 1 on the YB I've mentioned before is from MCA. This YB at least do the part where HUMAN always do. He shouted and scolded the marine police why wait to rescue someone?

Now here's my part to argue.
What do those YB had to do with these case? They are suspect or what? I keep on thinking. So do marine police need permission from YB then only can start the boat to rescue someone? This is ridiculous. Do police need to call YB and get permission before pulling a trigger against a bank robber? Do fireman need to wait for the permission from YB before they can head out? Should I dump anyone of you to the sea and wait 2 hours struggling in the sea for help because the YB haven't give me a permission to save you.

End of stories.


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chingy said...

Perhaps the YB wanted to put on some good image.

Hate this kind of gimmick.

Hope your girlfriend's brother can be found soon. :)

Kah Yee said...

It always happen like this, BNs YB and Opposition YB will rush to the scene and see who is there first, especially on Human Issues like this or fire or floods , Photo Op perhaps.

Anonymous said...

The BN YBs are always covered by a bunch of newspaper journalists and photographers. So that the people will know that they are around during crisis or disaster. This is like publicity to them. Whether things get done or not is a different matter. Publicity is important to them.

Anonymous said...

this is so sad. i feel bad for the deaths n ppl who went missing. my condolences to their family. my dear fren, we should realize that we live in boleh-land or what Michael Backman would write in his articles, the bohod-land! its so bodoh if u realize how bodoh our system is. Man ... this is sad. Our country is ruled by a bunch of sad ppl.

Anonymous said...

Please relay the message to your girlfriend that there are people out there who cares but can only give moral support.

Forget about the stupidity of the YBs. To me, such act was disgusting, and this should be revealed in the press.

junglebird said...

I'm glad Jeff Ooi link this page. Otherwise, it will just be unnoticed.

I guess the woman was waiting for her press buddy to arrive.

This is bad publicity indeed, served them well.

You should name them or at least put some hint so that we can google to find out.

Mr. Smith said...

The BN YBs don't actually care about rescues or victims. They just come there to be photographed by the servile reporters and hope the pictures appear in the newspapers the next day.
All these countless tragedies are a result of TOTAL irresponsibility and inefficiency of the BN government.
Unfortunately, the media too is playing down the governments responsibility and negligence.

Anonymous said...

My dear johnny, Why did you stop half way? I mean, why didn't you name the yb? Name them and shame them!

Anonymous said...

Bomba are even better. They will wait until you settle some amount of money before starting the fire engine.

earl-ku said...

its common sense ... and sympathy ... they dont have it ...

talking bout these "VIP(s)" - some time back bout 10 years ago, i wa in a flood in shah alam, so some NGO group came and brought with them food, everyone queued, but they were not passed out, and you know why? coz Samy Velu is not there yet ... u know la - got to wait for them to come, take some pics ... and shit like that, but as usual la, they are always fucking late, even with those outriders hogging the roads ... food arrived before 11, as the NGo was rushing so they could get it out by lunch time, and guessed what time the VIP came? 2PM !!!

and on another note on the incident, my sis who used to work in Tioman, says on all the ferries, there is no life jackets, on all the ferries, and on those speedboats, they dont even have it too ...

Anonymous said...

Praying hard that the missing ones will be found soon.

This is what I hate about the YBs. Always publicity hoggers.

amoker said...

You take care. I think i saw a photo of a Malay lady consoling a crying girl in today's newspaper. Is she the VIP that you are talking about?

This publicity thing is crap.

God bless

Johnny Tan said...

Thanks for all the comments.

I'd actually planned to send this blog to one of the popular local's newspaper, The STAR. But yet, I don't know what the consequences I'll had to face.

Anyway, the reason I didn't state their name is due to privacy issue. I do respect other's privacy but yet, I'll tell the truth.


saf said...

thanks to jeff ooi and lowyat.net who linked this blog post. I believe your gf will find her brother.. dont worry

Anonymous said...

are these the ybs ???




Anonymous said...

Your girlfriend should have BRIBE the YB and the Malay women. It always work in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

fcuk the YBs.

They are not humane. They only pray to Money, their God.

Anonymous said...

of late the bn becoming a breeding ground of marder farkers like them.

Anonymous said...

On the YB's seen that before, it just a joy ride and publicity for them YB's, they can say i have been out there looking so .......

The resque workers, well, they are workers that all, not my concern at least most of them.

There are shallow draft, seagoing boats (made and design in malaysia) but not purchase due to no connections

Anonymous said...

A body was found today in the afternoon. Our so called country and so called "boleh" those people would only know how to take care of their own pockets and besides showing their faces what else can they do?

my condolences to your girl friend

Johnny Tan said...

Aiseh, it's not my gf's brother. Don't mistaken.

Anonymous said...

privacy don't think should apply to ppl who wants publicity. plus they are ybs, their action toward the public should be made known since they themselves want to be acknowledged at first place. look at how the mainstream spins their action. the lesser joe will look them up as responsible and caring ybs. responsible and caring ? if they really understand the situation, they should be punctual and arrive earlier instead of being bottleneck .. is this new attitudes from current administration !!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Johnny,

Thanks for telling us the truth. I recalled the same incident during Tsunami up in Penang. When people are digging through mud and crushed houses, suddenly some VIP comes, everything has to stop. Mind you, there are many of them, taking turn to come and check on the operations. Blatant disregard for life.

Talk about nonsense, This YB are real bunch of dog shit . That's why it is always very happy when their own kind gets robbed or their relative get mugged and no police come helping. Let them have a good feel of it at receiving end.


Anonymous said...

You know who to VOTE for!

Don't complain about standing for a short while in the sun while waiting to vote, otherwise don't complain about a single thing, including being prevented from something as serious as searching for your loved one!

YB = Yang Bodoh said...

YB waiting for TV3 crew so that they are seen to be doing their job and reported in the news. This is normally the case because you wounder why police cannot conduct the "Operassi-FXXK" without TV1, TV2 or TV3 crew. Each time they have an "Operassi" it is reported in the news, even catching mat rempit.

Anonymous said...

Did OKT, his cronies and family show up for photo shoot? Or was he busy preparing a thank you speech to be published nationwide regarding this tragedy.

Ice said...

My heart goes out to the victims in this tragedy.

Fellow Malaysians and I are angry at how the authorities managed the rescue mission during this unfortunate event.

Our goverment and all cabinet ministers must bear all the blame for they are the ones who had contributed to this lackadaisical attitude toward the betterment of the basic needs for our society.

In the midst of Mega Projects and Mega Corridors, essential infrastructures had been left out, infrastructures that are suppose to protect us in time of emergency.

Just look around your Taman and neigborhood. How many new fire and police stations had been established to support the development and the growth in population in the last 2 decade or so. Every Joe public would be appalled if the media is dare enough to publish these facts.

Barisan Nasional has let us down, big time.

Like the case of Enron, who is to be blamed when catastrophe struck? The CEO of course.

JiNG said...

they got shit in their head.. and yet we are lead by all those shity ppl..

Karena said...

the body that found in this afternoon is my uncle. =(

zewt said...

very interesting...

hey johnny... i shall be mentioning about this in my next entry... hope you dont mind.

Johnny Tan said...

Oh, karena. Sad to hear that he was your uncle. I really hope of 3 of them can come back safely and sound.

Eleen said...

what a shame on those MP... please expose their names...please..to the newspaper...to let the nation know what is really happening..

Chicken Ball said...

WTF! These YBs wanna politicise a tragedy too???

Pray hard for the missing safe return... Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

because msia is a corrupted country! who knows, all the victims are chinese..maybe they want the chinese to die..blegh! f*cked up country!

Anonymous said...

I saw the pictures of that malay woman with scarf. Is that the YB. If so, I found it disgusting. Having to wait for her for the photo op.

By the way, I am a Malay.

Steve said...

Aiya, just get used to it lah, we people are always treated like monkeys by the government. You know, we work so hard to pluck the coconuts then they keep all the coconuts for themselves. Once in a while, they will give one of the money 1 coconut(and make sure the whole 'ceremony' is photographed) and every monkey/us thinks they are the greatest government!

Anonymous said...

I also thinking the same thing. the victim family should bribe the marine police kao kao so they can move their ass and start searching soon!


Anonymous said...

wearing a nice sunglass waiting for camera man to take good pics there only...such an a$$hole...

Anonymous said...

Well, this shows how idiotic our country is.. Even in the matter of life and death also have to wait for the farking YB to come..

What the fark are they thinking about? Isn't it a person's life is more important than some donkey YB?

I'm totally speechless about this and it's a definite that this stuff were filtered in the dailies.. Muthafucka...

Fark the Muthafarking police..

Anonymous said...

what to do... cannot blame them... raya first day... everybody needs to rest... holiday once a year...

do you expect them to stop eating kuih raya, lemang, rendang and save you???

of course!!! that's their job!!!

Vanessa said...

You're right Johnny. Someone should not get any approval from anyone just to save a dying person. :)

Anonymous said...

If possible... try to publish the TY's name... so everyone know who is the YB...as I think if they know thier name are everywhere with -ve impact they won't repeat it again

kibikibi said...

I feel so sorry for your gf. I hope she finds him soon. Keep us posted, k?

The next time some freaky accidents happened, we better pray real hard that either one of the YBs, MPs or VIPs are involved. Then, the police, and whatever departments involved in the rescue operation will surely be tripple effective! They'll be all gung-ho about becoming heroes without needing much instructions. Shameless peps. Geez.. And when I say shameless + heartless, it's addressed to MOST of those YBs, MPs, police, and anybody else who doesn't care whether these poor peps survived or not. All they care about is publicity for themselves. Pui!

Anonymous said...

I wish to extend my condolences to your girlfriend and her family.

Sometimes, it is not the YB's fault. More often than not, most of our government servants either shiver at the sight of a YB and just want to polish apples. It is the system that has broken down and the real priorities are totally lost. In this case, public service died and politics reign.

It is really sad!!

Anonymous said...

Brim over I agree but I contemplate the list inform should have more info then it has.

Anonymous said...

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